On turning 26


Since I turned 20, my birthdays have always been a little bit stressful for me, particularly before I turned 25. I had a sort of a quarter life crisis which reached its peak right before I turned 25 (you

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Seeking vs. Striving


An idea that has been really playing on my mind lately is the balance between being happy where you're at versus striving to improve.

As a very ambitious and task-oriented person, I tend to remind myself

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The Simple Things


Towards the end of last year I was struggling a bit with anxiety. I think a lot of it was stress related and also because I wasn't sleeping very well.

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Celebrating the Little Victories


Marco and I love a good celebration. Anything is a reason to celebrate; an unexpected compliment from a boss or professor, a particularly good day in the office, a well-written essay,

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So this is the New Year


In my last post, I sort of concluded 2016 and the idea of enjoying the process that I wrote about in the beginning of last year.

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Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope that you are having an extra special day with your family and loved ones  

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