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Bullet Journal Update

POSTED ON 04.05.2017

So a couple of months ago I wrote about starting a Bullet Journal and I thought today I’d give you an update on how it’s been going. My biggest concern when I started it was that it would be too much work and I’d switch back to my regular journal or my filofax. However, in March, I continued doing it and I found myself planning out my weeks on a Saturday evening. Marco and I generally get an early night on Saturdays because Sundays can tend to be busy, so before bed I’d often plan out my week while Marco was reading.

I know it may seem like a lot of work, but it is SUPER relaxing. I’m no artist, and my sisters keep telling me to film a flip through video, but my pages are really nothing special and I’m not sure it would be particularly inspirational. But who knows, maybe I will do one in the future. Point being, even though I’m not an artist, planning out the weeks and doing little doodles on the pages was actually very therapeutic for me. And it wasn’t that much work because once the week was planned out, there wasn’t that much more I needed to do. Some days I’d literally just open it up to track my mood and habits. Other days I wrote regular journal pages, some days I made gratitude logs or practiced my lettering. But there were loads of days where I didn’t have time and that was not at all a problem because the week had already been mapped out.

Starting the Bullet Journal has actually pushed my productivity quite a bit and encouraged me to try a few new things. It’s also been incredibly helpful and motivating now that I’ve got a couple of months of mood and habits down.

For example, I started tracking how I felt in March. At the end of March, I did a summary page with a little graph of my moods over the month. Obviously, it’s no surprise that there was a very clear pattern, and I was expecting it, but it still surprised me. I guess on a theoretical basis we know about our hormones and things, but when you actually see the physical evidence on the page it’s really helpful. It meant that in April when I was having one of those “life is so hard!” days, I knew exactly why and I felt a lot more able to cope. Such a small thing, but so helpful!

The same with my exercise tracker. It’s really encouraging to look back on the month and see how often I was able to exercise. And these last two months were extremely busy for us, so I think it will be encouraging in the future when I have more time. (Like over the summer holidays.)

Also, a really nice surprise was my measurement tracker. Seeing as I’ve been so busy I haven’t really been worrying about taking measurements or weighing myself. But I did it last week and when I put it into my journal I could see a very clear improvement and that was really motivating!

These things, although super small, have encouraged me to try tougher things. Like for example the capsule closet. I planned it in my Bullet Journal and I’m planning to keep track of my spending habits in the next couple of months.

I’ve also been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the housework, (typical¬†now that I’m home studying for exams all I can see is how much I need to do!) so I decided to break it down into five minute tasks in my journal, and every day or every second day I’ll attempt to tackle one five minute task. That way, I won’t waste entire study days cleaning, but I’ll also feel like I’m not neglecting our home.

As I said, these aren’t huge, life-changing things, but I’ll be honest, I’ve been surprised at how much more productive I’ve been since I’ve been using it. Also, it’s so nice to have everything written down. If I can’t remember the date of something, like when I last went to the doctor for example, I know it’s all there.

A lot of people think that using technology is a lot more productive, and I have been using apps on my phone to track sleep and exercise, but there’s nothing like a bit of analog in a digital age, as they say!

If you’ve been thinking of trying it, I’d really encourage you to give it a go! It’s fun and you’ll see the benefits of feeling more productive and organised. You can go to the Bullet Journal website for tips on how to get started and I saw that you can sign up for a free guide as well. I personally watched a few inspiring youtube videos and then I just sort of worked out what I liked and didn’t like as I went along.