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Our News!

POSTED ON 20.09.2017

So in case you missed it on social media, Marco and I are expecting a baby next February! We are very excited (and also a little scared, overwhelmed, nervous etc.) but generally just extremely happy.

I’m already well into my pregnancy, and I chose not to share the news with very many people right up until last week. There wasn’t a particular reason for doing so, but our first scan ended up being at 13 weeks and then afterwards it was really special to take our time telling close friends and family and before we knew it I was 17 weeks along!

So far I can’t really complain about how things have gone. I think in the grand scheme of things I’ve been really lucky. The first trimester was tough in that I was exhausted most of the time and almost immediately started to struggle with my lower back. When I found out that I was expecting, I said to Marco: “I’m absolutely NOT going to fall into the trap of eating for two and I’m going to keep exercising as much as I can!”.. Needless to say that lasted about a week and then I was flat on my back asking Marco to get me chips with salt and extra vinegar!

But I can’t complain because I never had morning sickness, except for one or two nauseous bouts, but nothing terrible. I seem to have taken after my mom with that and I’m very grateful. It also worked out quite well because I was home from university over the summer and most of my summer work was cancelled so I was really able to get the rest I needed.

It was the most amazing experience to see our baby at our first ultrasound and the image was so clear! Marco and I both were holding our breath when we went into the room for the scan, and while we were waiting for the image to pop up on the screen, wondering if there’d actually be a baby in there! It was so sweet, he or she bounced a little when the sonographer put pressure on my tummy, but then lay on their back for the rest of the time! It seems we have a bit of a lazy baby on our hands!

We have another scan coming up soon and I’m 99% sure I want to wait to find out the gender of the baby. I never, ever thought I would, I always thought it was pointless not finding out, but Marco and I are completely indifferent and we quite like the idea of a neutral nursery, so I’m leaning towards waiting.

It’s been a really exciting time, but also very emotional and scary too, as you’d expect. We’ve never done any of this before (obviously) and it can be overwhelming. Even just the list of things to buy is overwhelming! I’m really lucky to have my mom nearby though, and she was the first one we told after we found out the news. I just had so many questions! I still ask her a million questions every time I see her and I’m sure I’ll always rely on her experience. You realise just how important family is in times like these.

There’s also the issue of how much advice you suddenly start getting. I think that was one of the other reasons I wanted to wait to share the news. I was very apprehensive about the birth process in general and I was terrified about hearing all the birth ‘war stories’, so to speak. I’m glad I did wait because I decided during that time that I was only going to accept advice from people that are really close to me and that I really trust and the doctors and midwives. Otherwise I think you’d literally just drown in contradicting opinions and advice!

In general I’d say the biggest difficulty I had during the first trimester was with my self confidence. I will definitely dedicate an entire post to it, because it deserves it, and because it was one of the toughest things for me personally. And then the insensitive comments you receive as well. Friends of ours told me they couldn’t believe how much I was showing (I wasn’t, they just hadn’t seen me in a while and were basically telling me I’d put on weight!). There seems to be A LOT of pressure in this area on pregnant ladies and I definitely struggled with it myself. I think that will be my next post though, so if you’ve had a baby and you experienced the same thing, please let me know, I’d love to hear about your experience!

Thank you to everyone who left us comments on our pictures, we really appreciate it! Everyone has been so kind and it’s been amazing!