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This Christmas!

POSTED ON 17.12.2016

So in my last post we had a little walk down memory lane, and last year I did a proper post of our decorations…  At this point, all that’s left for me to do is show you what we’ve been up to this Christmas!

Marco told me yesterday that last year was very ‘giovanile‘ (youthful) but this year we’ve become more of a family which I thought was really sweet, and it echoed my own sentiments.

Even though it’s still just the two of us (sorry to disappoint), we have a proper home this year, and a proper size tree.. It’s taller than me! When I was decorating it, I said to Marco that it was a family size tree. Our other apartments were lovely and Christmas made them even more special, but this year there’s something really homey about our house. It’s hard to explain and I don’t feel like pictures really do it justice but I’ve tried my best!

We went with my mom to a Christmas tree farm and I literally knew the tree the second I saw it. It’s the one in the foreground of the photo below.

this christmas

This Christmas

It’s enormous, but I knew we had enough space in our lounge. We have a sort of bay window in the corner and Dimitra had actually said to me “That’s the perfect space for a Christmas tree!” when we moved in (in April! You can tell I come from a Christmas-mad family!)

It was so much fun shopping for it, and the people at the farm were so friendly and sweet. It was family run and the kids were the ones that sold us the tree and packed it up in the car! The girl couldn’t have been older than 11.

This decoration below is really special to me this year because I bought it last year in Berlin. I hardly bought any decorations last year, so this is a very special reminder of last year. It’s also the most delicate glass and it (somehow) didn’t get broken in the move. It’s lovely to have decorations from the various places we’ve lived in and I almost wish I’d bought a few extras last year just in case! But I guess it just means I’ll have to take extra care with this one..

This garland is our only addition from this year. It’s the first time we’ve had a ‘fireplace’ and it was fun to hang the stockings and put a garland on top.

Needless to say, I’ve found my favourite spot to sit and read and have a cup of tea!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the mini tour of our Christmas decorations this year!